Coached Online Courses

Get Personalized Coaching With These Structured Semester Courses
Get 12 weeks of faculty-led instruction, with personalized feedback on your weekly assignments, live conference calls with faculty and classmates, graded exercises, and mentorship on your final project.

Coached 12-Week Course $3500

This 100% web-based online marketing training course.
(A new semester begins each calendar quarter.)

  • Every semester has a hard start date (sign up early and get instant access to self-paced materials).
  • Get personally trained in online marketing by the industry’s most recognized authorities.
  • Weekly assigned videos and exercises keep you on pace for graduation.
  • Join weekly conference calls with faculty and other students to discuss the week’s lessons, and get feedback on your exercises.
  • Complete a hands on, real-world final project with faculty feedback and guidance.
  • Present your project in a live conference call to earn your faculty endorsement.
  • Enjoy anytime Q&A with faculty and other students in the forums.
  • Cross-train beyond your major with access to training materials in all six major industry disciplines.
  • Attend live weekly inter-disciplinary training webinars.
  • No travel required. Learn from your desktop anytime.
  • 12-week course is only $3500 — Much less than a University course or industry conference.

Why it’s different

It’s scheduled, but it’s flexible.
You’ll get weekly assignments: videos, exercises, and quizzes. But you can do them on your schedule. During lunch, in the evenings, whenever you’ve got time.

It’s web based, but it’s personalized.
Turn your weekly assignments in to your homework dropbox, and get personalized feedback from your faculty.

You work on your own, but you’re not alone.
You and your class will have real, live interaction with your faculty thanks to a weekly conference call to discuss the week’s work. Plus, your class will have a conference line available to set up study groups. Talking with other students creates a real (virtual) classroom experience.

You’ve got a major, and a minor too.
As a Master Certification student you’ll be working directly with your faculty mentor on a single subject. But you’ll also have access to self-paced curricula in all the online marketing disciplines, so feel free to study other specialties too: watch the videos, do the exercises, take the quizzes. No extra charge.

It’s streaming, not static.
We don’t offer our lessons for download because we want you to have the most current, topical online marketing training material possible. So only the latest video lessons stream off our servers, and they’re constantly updated to reflect changes in the industry.

It’s an ongoing resource.
After graduation, ask for a reduced-rate monthly membership and maintain access to new videos, forums and weekly webinars for as long as you like. And as always, cancel anytime.


Your Certification Is Recognized Industry wide

Certification is no substitute for years of hands-on industry experience. But whether you’re just getting started in online marketing, or you’re already working in the field, Certification can provide valuable professional validation.

If you’re new to the industry, getting caught up on a decade’s worth of industry evolution and learning the latest in bleeding edge techniques from a respected source provides an invaluable foundation.

If you’re an experienced online marketer, Certification still holds value. Just like attending conferences, trade shows and seminars, earning Certification from a reputable provider demonstrates your commitment to continued education in industry trends and best practices, and ongoing professional development.

Two levels of Certification:

Results Marketing Students who complete a Self-Paced course of study, or a Coached Master Certification, receive two kinds of recognition.

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